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Drop-off and Collection


The main school door on Nutford Place opens at 8.45am. Pupils from Reception through to Year 6 should make their way on to the Lower Playground where a teacher is always on duty.

In order to ease congestion on the stairs at 9.00am when the pupils make their way to the classrooms, we would be grateful if parents can say goodbye to their children and make their way up the stairs at 8.55am when the first of two bells rings. We would also very much appreciate if both pupils and parents could remember to use the left hand side of the stairs.

Drop-off for Nursery

The start of the day works slightly differently for Nursery pupils in that they are welcomed into school by either the class teacher or a classroom assistant each morning directly from the Forset Street entrance at 9.00am. Nursery pupils and parents do not need to go downstairs with the older parents.

If your child is attending Nursery for the first time and is part of the staggered entry, please go through to the office at the specified time and someone will show you and your child into the Nursery.


The end of the school day can be fairly stressful for both teachers and parents as they try to match pupils with parents. It is very important that every child is accounted for as they leave the school and handed safely to their parent or guardian. Please be patient with us, especially over the first few weeks of the academic year when we aren’t yet familiar with parents’ faces. In terms of helping us make the process as quick as possible, we would appreciate if parents can wait at the bottom of the front steps, rather than congregating on them, and only come up to the front door when they can see their child’s class is ready to leave.

Collection at the Forset Street Entrance:

  • 3.20 pm: Nursery pupils
  • 3.30pm: Year 1, Year 3, Year 6

Collection at the Nutford Place Entrance:

  • 3.20pm: Reception pupils
  • 3.30pm: Year 2, Year 4, Year 5

After School Clubs

Unless otherwise stated, all pupils attending after-school clubs will leave from the Nutford Place entrance at 4.45pm. However, occasionally staff may feel that to ease congestion at the door they will use the Forset Street entrance. If this is the case, parents will be notified and this entrance will always be used by this club.