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Lunch times


Lunchtimes at Hampden Gurney are staggered with pupils in Nursery, Reception and in Key stage 1 eating at midday whereas pupils in Key Stage 2 eat class by class starting at 12.15pm. Lunchtime for all pupils lasts an hour.

Hampden Gurney is committed to being a healthy school, and committed to promoting the health and well-being of the entire school community. Our food policy and the meals the school caterer provides, reflect this commitment to being a Healthy School.


School dinners
Cooked school lunches are available each day at school for those parents that wish their children to have one. All the food is cooked on site in our kitchen with the menu moving in a four-week rotation.

All the children have access to two choices of hot meal, bread and a salad bar. A sweet is most often fruit, but will sometimes be a hot pudding. Jugs of water are placed on all the tables at lunch for use by the pupils.

If your child is attending school for the first time, or you would like your child to start school meals, then please complete a school lunch form and hand it to the school office. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the school office.


The cost of school meals changes slightly every year. The up-to-date cost can be found by looking at the Westminster My school lunch website.


Cash or a cheque (payable to Hampden Gurney School) for the correct amount should be placed in an envelope at the beginning of each week and given to either the school office or the class teacher. Parents may decide to pay weekly or may pay for school dinners half termly.


Free school meals
Some parents will be eligible for free school meals. More details about eligibility for free school meals can be found on the Westminster website, along with an application form.If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the school office.


Packed lunches
Packed lunches should be labelled clearly with your child’s name. All drinks must be in an unbreakable container for storage in the school fridge on arrival. We encourage children to eat a healthy packed lunch and an after-school snack before extra-mural activities.


Sweets, fizzy drinks and chocolate bars should not be included either in packed lunches or as an after-school snack. If pupils are eating foods that are deemed inappropriate, they will be stored in a sealed bag and then given back to them at hometime.


Hydration for lessons
If children so wish, they may bring in a bottle of water to have on their desks. Please ensure that bottles brought into school have a screw or ‘push stop’ lid.


Fruit at playtimes
Children in Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1, have the choice of a daily piece of fruit if they so wish during morning playtime. Pupils in Key Stage 2 may bring in a piece of fruit to consume at morning break if they so wish.