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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section.

Hampden Gurney’s Governing Body works as a team with the Headteacher and the school staff, helping to provide a vibrant, imaginative and good quality education for the children at the school.


Their contribution includes: agreeing the school's aims, policies, targets and priorities, overseeing the financing of the school and helping to monitor the curriculum. There are two elected Parent Governors who are available to discuss any aspect of the Governing Body and a Clerk to the Governors, who can provide more information: please contact the school office.


The two parent governors on the full governing body are Jean Earle and Neville David.


Foundation governors shall be appointed as follows:


a) Two by the London Diocesan Board for Schools;

b) Three by the Church of the Annunciation Parochial Church Council, one of whom must be a trustee of the Hampden Gurney School Trust;

c) Two by the Marylebone Deanery Synod


The term of office of all governors is four years.

List of Governors 2018


Chair of Governors: Mr Brian Hilton

Vice Chair: Mr Niel Pama 

Headteacher: Mrs Evelyn Chua


Foundation Governors
LDBS                           Mr Phillip de Grochy                               2017

LDBS                           Mrs. Cynthia Ramsay                             1984          

PCC, Trustee              Mr. Brian Hilton, Chairman                     1983
PCC, Parent                Mr Niel Pama                                          2013

Deanery Synod           Dr Helen White                                        2012

Deanery Synod           Mr Andrew Prior                                      2012

Ex-Officio                    Father Gerald Beauchamp, Vicar


Non-Foundation Governors

Parent                         Mr Neville David                                       2013, re-elected 2017

Parent                         Mrs Jean Earle                                         2017

LEA                             Mrs Anne Larkey, LEA Representative   2014



STAFF                        Mr Peter Francis                                       2016

HEAD                         Mrs Chua, Head Teacher

Attendance at Meetings 2017-18

Governor/Teacher meeting

Declaration of interest 2018-19

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