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Parent Information

Nursery Staff

The Nursery class has 3 members of staff:

Class Teacher: Miss Barron

Teaching Assistant: Ms Ghebrezghe

Teaching Assistant: TBC


Children may also be visited by other adults such as our PE coach, Music Teachers and Father Gerald.

The Nursery Day

The Nursery day begins at 9am and finishes at 3:20pm. Children's learning will mainly take place in the Nursery Classroom and on the Early Years Play Deck. We will also visit the school library, chapel, and the PE hall each week. We may also visit ICT suite and the science roof garden throughout the year.


Teaching at Nursery

The Nursery class follows the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and children will be taught through a variety of different approaches and methods. A good balance of child-led and adult-led learning will take place each day. This may include:

-Child Initiated Learning .Children will have access to variety of permanent resources and areas both indoors and outdoors to encourage independent learning. The environment will also be enhanced with different resources relating to class topics and children's interests to promote independent learning further. Adults will be available to support children and help them to progress through their own fascinations and interests.

-Focused Activities. Children will work in a small group with an adult on a planned activity either indoors or outdoors. These will be differentiated by the adult to meet the learning needs of each child.

-Whole class carpet sessions. These will be for a short and engaging periods of time and will have a focus such as phonics, maths, story times, discussions, sharing of work.


Tapestry Learning Journals

In Nursery, we use a secure online learning journal called Tapestry. This enables us to build a record of all of the learning and fun of your child’s early years education during their time with us. We take photos, videos and observations of your child’s development in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

You may be linked to your child’s learning journal, allowing you to look at their progress and development at any time. Look out for ‘next steps’ which highlight what your child is working towards next. We welcome you to add your own observations of any ‘wow’ moments and learning that happen outside of school. We also encourage you to look through the journals with children and reflect on their achievements.