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Welcome to the PTA section.


About the P.T.A.

Every parent with a child in our school is an automatic member of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).  We are a registered charity and meet approximately every month at the school to plan, discuss and vote on the areas that the school and parents think are important, with a special emphasis on fund raising. We have an email network which most parents join through which you learn about future meetings, agendas, receive the minutes of meetings and get to hear about local events.


To sign up to the PTA email list just send your name, the name of your child and the year they are in to



The PTA regularly organises eventsand campaigns to raise new funds for the school. This is an important activity as the extra fundshelp to pay for toys, field trips, equipment and improvements that are not covered by the school’s main budget.


In the recent years, we have helped tofund finger-guards for all the school doors, purchased new percussion instruments, play deck toys and equipment, shelving and books for the library, planting equipment including an irrigation system, a  wormery  and a microscope for the whole school to use in the roof garden, gym equipment including a vaulting horse and spring board and have helped with the travel costs of many school trips.


Examples of past PTA supported projects:

  • Installation of a new lighting and sound system in the hall
  • Subsidising school trips for each class
  • Purchase a mobile scaffold for use by the school caretaker
  • New play equipment for years 3 and 4
  • Contribute to the cost of a music teacher for the Key Stage 1 children
  • Cover the costs of a specialist gymnastics coach to teach the KS2 children during school time and run special gymnastic clubs for all children in the school
  • Hire a professional acting troupe to perform a special Christmas Pantomime for the children
  • Subsidise the annual Secret Santa gift exchange between students at the school
  • Providing each child with an Easter Egg after the annual Easter Bonnet Parade
  • Subsiding on-going maintenance of the school roof garden.

The PTA co-ordinates many fundraising events throughout the year, ranging from cake sales to the annual summer fair. The main fundraisers include:

  • Inter-House cake selling competition
  • This is a year long event with each house organising a cake sale - typically one house each term. All proceeds go to the PTA and the house that raises the most money receives 50 house points at the end of the year!
  • Christmas Fundraising Project
  • In years past the PTA has organised a school calendar featuring self-portraits of the children, a cookbook written by the students including their favourite recipes and a re-useable shopping bag featuring each child and teachers self-portrait to name but a few!


Christmas Raffle
The PTA runs a raffle selling chances to win numerous children's toys for the children as well as a superb hamper for adults.

Easter Raffle
The PTA runs a raffle selling chances to win amazing chocolate Easter Eggs!


Bi-annual Roof Party & Auction


Annual Summer Fair

The Summer Fair ( this year to be held on Saturday 21stMay from 11am to 3pm ) has turned into a huge fun,family event incorporatingmuch of the school premises. This year you can expect to finda 50ft inflatable assault course, electric go-kart racing, giant scalectrix, second hand books, cd’s, clothes, toys, bric-a-brac, and other stalls, ice-cream, helium balloons, face painting , crafts, temporary tattoos, a BBQ and other food stalls, achampagne & pimms bar for the adults and soft drinks for the kids, cakes, raffles and so much more. Please start collecting your unwanted good conditionitems to bring in for the stalls and if you would like to make a donation towards the cost of the bigger activitiesor would like to help in any other way,please email the PTA and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We also continually run smaller initiatives to boost the fund throughout the year. These include:

Hampden Gurney SHOP&GIVE Scheme (

Parents can now access their favourite online shops through a tailored Hampden Gurney portal-based on a ‘Shop and Give’ fund raising model. Simply put … You shop, They give!

The scheme is powered by TheGivingMachine (TGM), a not-for-profit organisation. When you buy online via TheGivingMachine, a sales commission is received from the participating shop. 75% of this is converted into a donation on your behalf and sent to Hampden Gurney Primary School. 25% administration charge is retained by TGM. This service is free to you, the shopper and giver. You’ll find more than 250 different shops at TheGivingMachine including all your favourite high street names such as Amazon, Argos, John Lewis and others.

The philosophy behind the ‘Shop and Give’ model is to give a little often. So, get shopping and giving! 

JOIN as a shopper/Giver
CHOOSE to support Hampden Gurney Primary School
REMEMBER to shop via TheGivingMachine every time you shop online!
Second Hand Book Exchange
Adjacent to the eastern staircase on the ground floor is a small second hand book exchange. Have a browse and if you find anything you like you are welcome to help yourself! We ask that you put a minimum donation of £1in the ‘honesty’ box for each book you take. Last term we raised £? from our second hand book exchange scheme!
Printer Cartridges Recycling Scheme
In cooperation with CartridgeWorld, used printer cartridges are collected in specially labelled boxes adjacent to each of the school entrances. Drop your old cartridges in and Cartridge World will give the PTA cash for each cartridge received.
Foreign coin appeal
In cooperation with Coin Co International Plc, foreign coins are converted to pounds (£).
Just drop your unused foreign coins into the long glass jar adjacent to both entrances into the school. We will be cashing these in atthe end of March,so don’t forget to add yours to the pot - every coin helps no matter how small the amount!
 Recycling Textiles
In cooperation with Bag2School, textile recycler, we collect and are paid for your unwanted clothing and linen. You will notice the distinctive blue bags pile up twice a year.   We receive 50pper kilogram of items collected. Our last collection raised £166!

Useful services for students


Software4Students (S4S) was launched in 2005 as a pilot programme to provide software for students and parents in disadvantaged schools. Due to its success in helping bridge the digital divide, S4S was expanded and is now available to students in 33,000 schools.

As a leading supplier of Microsoft software and solutions to the student and education sector, S4S is the largest programme supplying software to students and their parents in the UK and Ireland.

S4S supplies home users with fully-functional Professional (not Student and Teacher or Home Edition versions) software. Because of its affiliation with Microsoft, S4S can supply software at hugely discounted prices, typically offering savings of 80+% over regular retail outlets. Put simply, this means parents and students get software at a fraction of the normal price. Most software licences permit installation on a second computer, while licences remains valid even after the student leaves the School.

How to order

The main requirement in this programme is that the end user licensee is a student in a participating school/college (Hampden Gurney is one). It is very easy to register; all you need to do is give the student’s name and school, provide your address details and you're done! No date of birth or any other of the child’s details are required.

For more information please visit see How it Works