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Religious Education

Religious Education


This is an important part of the curriculum which underpins our school ethos and learning culture. All religious instruction is within a Christian context in accordance with the teachings of the Church of England. As parents have selected Hampden Gurney with the understanding that it is a Church of England School, all pupils are expected to attend assemblies and religious education lessons.


Assemblies are held each day except for Tuesdays when there is a celebration of the Eucharist. Commmunion is led by Father Gerald Beauchamp of the Church of the Annunciation, Marble Arch, who takes Mass with the support of a number of pupils who act as servers.


Many of the pupils at Hampden Gurney come up for a blessing each week. Older pupils who receive Holy Communion in their own churches, do so in school on a Tuesday as well. Once each term, the whole school heads to the Church of the Annunciation for a special Mass.