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School Prefects

As well as being a representative on the School Council, there are a number of ways in which pupils can contribute to our school community and gain extra responsibility.


Head Boy and Head Girl

The school chooses two pupils each year to represent the school to parents at functions and open days, and be a role model to younger members of the school.


School Prefects

Year 6 pupils can become School Prefects. Pupils apply for this role in September and prepare a short presentation of their skills and attributes. Pupils themselves then vote for their preferred candidates. Responsibilities include setting up areas of the school for assembles, Mass and other functions, performing tasks around the school and being a role model for younger children.



Each year, volunteers from Year 6 pupils serve at the Tuesday mass. There is a rota and servers set up for mass at 8.45am, assist during mass and clear away afterwards.


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Team

Pupils can apply to join the SMSC team and have responsibility for keeping a record of events across the school in relation to the SMSC outcomes as outlined by Ofsted. Responsibilities include photographing events, undertaking surveys and pupil evaluations and keeping a record in our SMSC scrapbook.


Sustainability Team

Pupils can apply to join the Sustainability Team which looks at ways of making our school a greener, more environmentally friendly place to be. We follow the Eco-Schools recognition scheme. On a weekly basis, pupils are responsible for collecting recycling, ensuring computer equipment is switched off and have raised money for the roof garden and for water-conserving taps to be fitted across the school.


Playground Buddies

Older pupils can apply to become Playground Buddies. Responsibilities include attending playtimes for younger pupils, being good role models, ensuring that younger pupils are involved in playground games and resolving issues when they arise.


Sports Leaders

Pupils in Year 5 and 6 can apply to become Sports Leaders, leading sport sessions for younger pupils under the guidance of a member of staff. Sports Leaders are responsible for the equipment they use and how they use the time with the members of the group.