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What have we been doing?



End of Autumn 1, week 2!

Year 1 have had a really positive week and begun to really settle into the day to day routines in year 1. 


In Literacy this week we have begun working on holding a sentence by saying out loud what we want to write, repeating it, writing it (including our finger spaces, capital letters and full stops) and then re-reading what we have written to check that it makes sense and we have included all we need to. 


In phonics this term we will be looking at our sounds and how we can decode words and use our Fred fingers to help us spell out unfamiliar words.

This week we have been working on our set 1 and 2 sounds, not just reading them but remembering the order of the letters in digraphs to help us write green words. 

For example if our sound is 'ir - whirl and twirl' and the given word is 'girl' children need to 'fred talk' the word g-ir-l. Remember that the ir sound is ir not ri. 


In numeracy we are trying really hard to focus on our understanding of number, counting forwards or backwards from a number. 

It is important to understand that counting is a sequence/pattern. So when you count forward in 1's (4,5,6,7) you are counting forward 1 step each time. 

Parents, please remember that writing the numeral for numbers will come with lots of practice, a numeral is an abstract concept at this age.

Whilst your child may be able to count out loud, matching the numeral to the word comes with consistent exposure and understanding of place value. We do encourage lots of counting and numeral matching at home, as well as object counting to help build understanding of a numbers cardinal value. 


In science we have been looking at seasons and learning all about the types of weather in the different seasons, alongside the types of clothes we wear. 


In humanities, we have started looking at meerkats and how they live in the Kalahari desert which has a warm climate. Next week, we will move into looking at how climate relates to the equator. 


Please do Send Ms Flower an email if you have any questions on how to help with the learning at home.