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Year 3 News!




Spring Term Week 4


After a lovely Christmas break we have been working extremely hard in Year 3 over the past few weeks.


We have read Fantastic Mr Fox and from this created some rather disgusting, but very well written, character descriptions. We then went on to write our own story in the style of Fantastic Mr Fox. We've also been reviewing our knowledge of calculation and have been applying it to various different missing number problems. We are now moving on to long multiplication, which the children have picked up extremely well.


In Science we have begun our topic of Plants and the children have planned and started to undertake an experiment to find out what happens to plants if they do not have light, water or warmth. 


I've been thoroughly enjoying teaching our history topic this term of Victorian London and the Great Stink. The children's curiosity has meant we've been able to have some fascinating in-depth discussions. To enhance their learning further we have been able to link our history topic to art this term.


We are extremely fortunate that some parents have funded a visit from Little Architect, they are coming in to do 3 sessions about architecture in Victorian London. The first of these sessions is on Wednesday morning and the second and third workshops will be on the next two Fridays. The children and I are really looking forward to these workshops, so thank you very much to the parents who have made them possible. 


On Thursday the whole class is attending a local athletics competition and this will be a brilliant opportunity for the children to work as a team and enjoy taking part in different athletics events with other local schools.


We are looking forward another busy week in Year 3 with more fantastic opportunities to learn, explore and experience new things.



Autumn Term 2 Week 3/4

We've been very busy in Year 3 over the last few weeks, not only are learning about stories from other cultures, fractions and  light and shadow, we are also preparing for the KS2 Christmas Play. Our singing is coming along brilliantly and I hope all the children are working hard to make sure they know all the words. We are also learning dances for the play and it's been lovely to have the children's creative input with the choreography. A letter is being sent out regarding costumes for the play, please let me know if you have any difficulty with bringing in the items your child needs. I've attached the costume letter and the lyrics to the songs in the General Information section.


I've been extremely impressed with how well Year 3's writing is coming along, they are really pushing themselves to try new vocabulary and different sentence structures and I've loved reading their writing over the last few weeks. Please keep discussing language and structure, as well as content, with your children when you read with them, so that their understanding of writing keeps improving. 


Unfortunately some of our Library books have not been returned, please can you check with your child if they have any Library books at home and make sure they are brought in to school every Friday so that we can all enjoy our time in our delightful Library.


Have a great weekend and I look forward to another exciting week in Year 3.




Autumn Term 2 Week 1/2

Year 3 have had a fantastic start back after half term and I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing about what everyone got up to over the break.

We have started to look at time in Maths and I've been so impressed with the progress they have already made with this. We are going to keep focusing on time next week and apply it to solve different problems and read timetables. It would be brilliant if everyone could keep practising this vital skill at home.

In Literacy we have been examining instructions and have been creating our own. Next week we are going to begin looking at stories from other cultures, we will be analysing the different styles and rewriting them in various different formats, such as diary entries and playscripts.

We have completed our Science experiment about how our heart rate changes during exercise. We will now move on to look at our new topic of light and shadows.

After last terms history topic of Stone Age to Iron Age, we will now move on to Geography, in which we will be questioning why people go on holiday to the Mediterranean.

Today we went on our trip to visit the Palace of Westminster, it was a brilliant trip and the children learnt about  how our country is run. The children were taught about the history of democracy and visited the House of Lords and the House of Commons. I was very impressed with their behaviour and it was lovely to hear people commenting on how polite they were. Keep it up Year 3! A huge thank you to the parents who accompanied us on this trip, we couldn't have done it with out you.