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Monday 9th October


Dear Parents,


I hope you have a lovely weekend. Last week the children created some fantastic adventure stories in literacy and also significantly improved their understanding of symmetry and reflection. 


This week in Maths, we will be looking at the Metric system and how different objects can be measured. We will be discussing the difference between the metric system and the imperial system and begin to convert metric units. 


In literacy, we will try to create a short ballad about the legend of Robin Hood using 4 line poems called quatrains. We will discuss what makes a poem and how they can be improved using: alliteration, onomatopoeia, adverbs, adjectives, and verbs. 


We will continue our work on coding in ICT, Solids, liquids, and gases in Science and the symbols of Christianity in RE. 


I look forward to seeing many of you later on this week. 


warmest regards,


Richard Barer

Friday 29th September


Good evening year 4 parents. It has been a quick week with the children producing some fantastic writing, persuading the reader who really was the villain in the legends of Robin Hood!


As I said above, we looked at what it meant to persuade people of an opinion, we also looked at subordinate and main clauses to help us write more complex sentences. Next week we will be looking at writing narratives with coherent plot lines. 


In numeracy we focused on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000 and creating rules for doing so. We also looked and multiplication and division using the column method. We ended the week by applying it to real world contexts. Next week will the group look at how 2D shapes are described and identified using edges and vertices. We may also begin looking at different types of angles if there is time


In Science we will continue our work on solids, liquids, and gases and in ICT we will continue our work on coding and de-bugging programs.


I also wanted to show the children the Japanese method of multiplication, though they were very enthusiastic, we didn't have the time in the end so I do hope that you can copy the link into Chrome/Internet Explorer and discuss it with them


warm regards,


Richard Barker

Friday 22nd September


Welcome to the first class newsletter! It was lovely to meet everyone last week and apologies for taking slightly longer for this letter to come out.


This week in Literacy, we have been looking at the structure of newspaper articles. We have discussed factual and non-factual information and how to use different sources of information on the internet. (feel free to google 'the pacific northwest octopus' for a better idea about why a healthy skepticism is necessary.


In Numeracy we looked at column addition and subtraction at the start of the week and focussed on word problems from Wednesday. Many children found finding the correct operation quite difficult so we will be looking at this again in the near future.


In Science today, we looked at the molecular structure of solids, liquids, and gases. We discussed how molecules move and how to change liquids into gases, solids into liquids etc. If you wanted to discuss this further, feel free to discuss the term EVAPORATION, CONDENSATION, SUBLIMATION, MELTING AND FREEZING, I'm sure it would be very helpful


In history, we have begun looking at life 100 years ago and how the class system affected children's lives


Next week, we will be focussing on:


Literacy: Looking at main and subordinate clauses. Persuasive texts (convincing the reader that Robin Hood was the real villain) 


Numeracy: Simple column method for multiplication and dividing numbers by 10, 100, 1000


I hope you have a lovely weekend


warm regards,



Friday 16th June 2017


Dear Parents, 


Before I discuss this and next week's work, I would like to thank everyone who got in touch to discuss their feelings about Education City, the free trial ended as of today so children will no longer be able to access it. I have had many different opinions come forward but there is a pattern developing. When I have had a closer look, I will let everyone know. Because of a slight mix up this end, homework will be sent out on Monday in the traditional way and the children will be given until Friday to do it. 


On Friday 23rd, to coincide with our work on rain forests, Year 4 will be going to London Zoo at Regents park. We will be leaving at 0920 and returning before the end of the school day. A letter will go out on Monday so please could I ask that it is returned as soon as possible! We are hoping for 3 parent volunteers to come along so do please let me know if you have some spare time.


This week we have been looking at improving our understanding of how we use Microsoft Word to set out and summarise information. Continuing our work on Deforestation, the children have created persuasive web pages and improving their understanding of terms like: widget, URL, and Hyperlinks to name a few. Next week we will begin looking at first person recounts of what it is like to live in a rain forest.


In Maths we have been looking at converting metric units, a few members of the group found this a bit tough so I would suggest having a quick look at this over the weekend just to be sure. Next week, we will review our knowledge of 3D shapes, quadrilaterals and describing coordinates in various quadrants


In week 4 we will be having our final assessments. If you would like to have full idea of what the children need to be aware of in Year 4, please copy the links below where you will see the outcomes for numeracy and literacy. (just click on Year 4 Programme of study) 



I wish you a relaxing and enjoyable weekend


warm regards,


Richard Barker

Wednesday 14th June 2017


Here are just a few pictures of  our Multi Sports day at the Hub in Regent's Park. The children were fantastically behaved and were great examples to themselves and the school. We played basketball, football, rounders, athletics, and a tennis to round off the morning. Thanks so much to the parents to helped us get over there and also to the parents to came to watch. It really is fantastic to have such a helpful and committed parent community.


We had just under an hour when we returned and we used it to vote for our Digital leader. We decided on the french system of voting and whilst we discussed why it is so important to vote we still had a few upset children. We discussed how to deal with disappointment and why it is important to respect the outcome of an election even if we don't get the result we were hoping for. 


There is also two more days to let me know what you think of Education city, any constructive criticism would be gratefully received.


warmest regards,


Richard Barker

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Dear Parents,


Just before our Multi sports trip tomorrow, please do make sure that the children bring a hat, sun protection and a bottle of water. There is little shade where we are going so being prepared for this is essential


warm regards,


Richard Barker

Dear Parents,


Please forgive the lack of message on Friday, Everything will be made up to date today. Thank you so much for the feedback regarding Education City and homework in general, I am definitely taking it into consideration


We will be at Multi Sports this Wednesday so could I ask that any late permission slips are returned as soon as possible.


In literacy this week we shall be continuing with our work on the rainforest after the children wrote some spectacular tourist guides. This week we shall be creating persuasive posters and webpages as we try to draw attention to the problem of deforestation in the Amazon


In Numeracy we will begin the week revisiting the relationship between fraction and decimals and also look at calculating and comparing different measures of the metric system.


In RE we looked at the Beatitudes of the sermon on the mount and will continue this on Wednesday.


I hope you all have a fantastic week and do feel free to get in touch 


warm regards,



Dear Parents,


It was so lovely to see you today at the sharing assembly for maths week. The children thoroughly enjoyed telling you about their work. We looked at market research, data analysis and evaluation, understanding a demographic, using 3D nets and digital rendering to create a picture of our designs and much more!


By now, you may have noticed the slight paucity of homework in their folders, there is a reason for this! I have organised a 3 week trial with the online platform, Education City. With that, I would like to trial the idea of setting homework to be completed online, I believe it could give us the opportunity to have more targeted homework. There is also the opportunity to play maths games with other members of the group online. Please do email me with your thoughts and opinions as it will help me frame my thoughts moving forward.


The children should have no problems logging on and finding the work I have set which is in an area called'classwork'. I am still learning how to place tasks in different area so do please bear with me!


I wish you a relaxing break and look forward to seeing you in June


warmest regards,


Richard Barker




Dear Parents,


Please forgive the slight lapse in contact over the last week!


This week we have been looking at calculating area and perimeter - we have added to that by learning about calculating the area of compound shapes, calculating volume and some of us have even looked developing our own formulae to calculate the area of a trapezium! Next week is Maths week where we will be looking at designing, budgeting, advertising, and creating pencil cases, we do hope you can join us for the sharing assembly this time next week!


In literacy we have looked at how structure and presentation contribute to meaning. We have also looked at formal and informal language. Next week we will be looking at inferred meaning through different forms of poetry


In Science we have looked at the organs of the digestive system and what the roles are of individual organs. Oesophagus, Liver, Stomach, the large and small intestines are just some of the organs discussed. Next week we hope to solidify that knowledge by trying to predict how different foods are digested and which take the longest.


I have also included a link of high frequency words that Year 4 are required to have learned, if you get a chance, please do take a look at it.


I wish you a warm and relaxing weekend




Richard Barker

Monday 8th May 2017


Dear Parents,


I hope you had a lovely weekend. This week in Literacy, we will be looking at the Jacqueline Wilson book, Cliffhanger. We will be preparing to write narrative stories in the 1st and 3rd person. In Maths, we will be looking at calculating area and perimeter of rectangles and in some cases, compound shapes and triangles. 


In Science, we will be looking at using the scientific method to plan an experiment to test the effects of different liquids on teeth. In ICT, we will be looking at how sound and backgrounds are added to animation.


I wish you an enjoyable week ahead



warmest regards,


Richard Barker

Thursday 27th April 2017


Dear Parents,


Please forgive the lack of class update last week, it will be all back to normal from here on in!


This week we have been looking at addition and subtraction (and division towards the end of the week) and most children should be confident doing these operations within a range numbers - we also focused on applying that into real world problems. Next week will see us solidify our knowledge of multiplication using the column method and using it in different situations. 


In Literacy, we will continue our novel study on The Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson. One of the main themes in this book has been divorce and how it affects children so we have spent time discussing the various feelings and attitudes that may come from that. for their big write next week, they will be preparing to create a book review so we will be discussing structure and how to use pronouns and correct tense effectively.


In Science we have been looking at the human body with a particular focus on teeth and why they are different. We will continue this by looking at the structure of teeth next week.


In ICT we have begun looking at how to create animations using the Purple Mash program. Most of the children do remember their passwords so I would highly reccommend taking a look at it at home if you get the chance.


In RE this term we will be looking at Islam. We have already discussed the 5 pillars of Islam and will look next week at the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity. 


I hope you all have a lovely long weekend and I look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks. 


warmest regards,


Richard Barker

Friday 31st March 2017


Dear Parents,


Congratulations on a fantastic term, there has been so much progress seen on so many fronts! This week we have worked on the metric system, used Microsoft word, created our Easter Bonnets and, as usual, continued to practise our inference skills. Next term will come around soon enough and I would like to inform you of the main topics that we will be covering then:


Literacy: Novel study. Reading Jacequeline Wilson's book, The Suitcase Kid. We will be also looking at Prefixes and Suffixes and how they change the meaning of a root of a word.


Numeracy: We will be looking at measuring various metric units and converting them into decimals. We will be calculating area and perimeter of more complex shapes. We will also continue our work on fractions and their relation to decimals and percentages.


Science: We will be looking at the Human body and the digestive system.


Humanities: We will be looking at London and how it came to be on the Thames and why rivers are integral to the life of a city


I had noticed that our children's typing skills left a little to be desired so could I ask that they take a look at the following website to have a little practise (you need to copy the link into a search engine) 


If you would like to get a head start on next term or are looking for something to keep your children thinking, feel free to go to the following websites:



I hope that is enough to get you started should you wish!


I wish you a warm and relaxing break and look forward to seeing you in April!


warmest regards,


Richard Barker

Friday 24th March 2017


Dear Parents,


Please forgive my lack of contact over the last 2 weeks, it has been rather a busy run up to the break so do forgive me! It was lovely speaking to so many of you yesterday evening, it really is pleasing to see so much enthusiasm and readiness to get involved with your children's learning. Many of you mentioned that you would like to arrange a time early next term to speak in more depth. As I have said throughout the year, I am always happy to meet, so do feel free to get in contact whenever you wish.


Year 4 have been doing their assessments this week and I really must commend them on their behaviour. They have been required to work in silence for extended periods and they have followed instructions to the letter and for that they do deserve congratulations. 


Next week we will be finishing our topic on the Normans and Electricity. We will also take some time to look at how metric units are converted into different measurements. This will help us  as we begin to create our entries for the Easter Bonnet parade! There will be some opportunities to to create this in class and it is very much hoped that children can bring in resources i.e cardboard, cereal boxes etc. That being said, if a child is bring in in resources from home, the expectation is that they will bring in enough resources to share between six others. 


Could I also ask that the letters for the House Trip are returned on Monday prompt.


Have a lovely weekend


warm regards,


Richard Barker

Friday 3rd March 2017


Congratulations to Che for his fantastic newspaper article on the BFG's visit to Hampden Gurney


It has been a very exciting week for year 4 with International book week and the Science lesson that we have just had! We looked at how journalistic language helps create an interesting and fast paced newspaper article. In Maths we have been looking at calculating area and perimeter and in some cases area of compound shapes. In Humanities, we looked at Motte and Bailey castles and how they instilled fear in order to control the anglo-saxon population after the Norman conquest


Next week we will return to focus on the Bayeux tapestry. We will look at historical language to retell part of the story on the tapestry in a narrative style of writing - if you have time please visit: and discuss the events that take place


In Numeracy, we will continue to discuss converting 12 and 24 hour time, but also look at presenting data in different forms, line graphs, bar charts etc. Presentation will be an important factor here so please do stress that when you get a chance


In Science we will look at the components that make up a torch and how we can document them. In humanities, we will look at Norman castles built in the 12th century and how they moved from wood and dirt to imposing stone built. 


Please do take a moment to look at the pictures on our Work page to see how much the children enjoyed their science investigation.


warm regards,


Richard Barker

Friday 24th February 2017


Good afternoon parents and children,


Congratulations to Henry Logan for his student of the week certificate, he really showed us what it means to persevere! Well done as well to Matteo for getting his pen license, I hope to award many more before the year is out.


Please be aware that as of next week PE will be on a Thursday so could parents remind children of this.


Next week is book week and I am thoroughly glad to announce that we will be looking at Roald Dahl's classic, The BFG. If possible, could children perhaps read a few chapters or at least become familiar with the general plot?


In Maths, we will continuing our work on translating objects to different positions on a grid, we began this today so the children should be able to explain! We will also be looking at calculating perimeter and area and our higher ability may even look at calculating area of compound shapes. We will also look at converting time from analogue to 24hr and word problems accordingly.


In Humanities we will be looking at 11th century Norman castle building and why castles were so central to creating law and order after the Battle of Hastings. In Science we will take the next step of our topic in Electricity, discussing and creating simple circuits.


I wish you all a relaxing weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday. 

Monday 20th February 2017


Dear Parents,

I hope you've had a restful and relaxing break and are looking forward to the second half of the spring term. I would just like to remind everyone that Year 4 will be swimming on Wednesday afternoons until the end of term, so could I ask that all children come prepared with towels, swimming costume etc. Furthermore, could I also ask that children make sure that they have a PE kit for PE on Tuesdays.


This half of term we will be looking at the Normans and their contribution to the development of England from the 11th century onwards. If you are interested in getting a head start with your child, feel free to have a look at these links together (copy the link into preferred search engine) : 


I hope you find these useful and I look forward to welcoming you back tomorrow


warm regards,


Richard Barker

Friday 10th February 2017


What a way to end the half term! Congratulations to Kinte, Thalia, and Annabel for doing so well in the Talent show today, a clean sweep for year 4! A well done must also go to Scarlett for being the next person to be awarded their pen license.


I would like to wish everyone a relaxing half term break although if you would like to encourage some scientific investion skills, please go the follow PDF link for some experiments that can easily be carried out at home!


(copy the link into your search bar) 


In the last two weeks we have been discussing our own and others' opinions, indeed earlier this week the children had to create an abridged play script in pairs. This led to arguments and disagreements of course. As a result, I decided to discuss the idea of allowing people to disagree with each other and also the British value of Free speech. We discussed that in a free society, all opinions must be allowed to exist, even if we may not always agree with them. 


I look forward to seeing everyone bright and early on Tuesday 21st February, can I also ask that PE kits are brought in aswell.


warmest regards,


Richard Barker



Friday 3rd February 2017


A huge congratulations to Niek for his adventurous vocabulary in his writing this week!


This week we have spent a lot of time understanding how to infer the feelings of others, especially characters from the book 'How to train your Dragon. As I mentioned last week, it culminated today in our big write which was a diary entry from the perspective of the protagonist, Hiccup. Next week, we will be looking at play scripts and how they differ from narrative texts. So if there are any people who have tread the boards in times past, a discussion about stage direction and play script layout would be very helpful. 


In Numeracy we spent time looking at word problems from a variety of perspectives and next week we will be looking at place value, division and division word problems. 


In Science this week, we looked at the life processes and MRS GREN (get the children to explain) whereas next week, we will round off the topic in preparation for our work on Electricity after the half term break.


In the most recent update to the 2014 Curriculum, an emphasis on programming has been given to the computing curriculum. If you are interested, I would recommend taking a look at - It's an eye opening experience!


I wish you a warm an relaxing weekend.


Richard Barker

Tuesday 31st January 2017


Well done to Alex and Amir for really extending themselves in our work on 2 step word problems in maths today.


Update - 


Dear Parents and Carers, Ms. Cobacha and I would like to extend our sincere thanks for the lovely gifts and kind emails since our return from Sayers Croft. It is very much appreciated and good to know that we have the support of the parent cohort. I do hope that we can maintain and continue the excellent working relationship that we have developed thus far and, as always, please do feel free to get in touch at any time.


Warmest regards,


Richard Barker and Joy Cobacha

Friday 27th January 2017


I hope everyone has had the chance to recover from the Sayers Croft trip, we were all a little tired today! Thank you to those parents who sent such kind emails to Ms. Cobacha and I. We really do appreciate you taking the time especially as you are all so busy. Thanks again goes to Ms. Cobacha in the run up to this trip, she really was wonderful and I for one am very grateful.


A huge well done to Kinte and Sophia for winning the students of the trip award. Kinte and Sophia were absolutely fantastic in the way that they showed themselves to utterly reliable and trustworthy at all times. They helped their peers and set an example for everyone to follow. 


Even though we were at school for one day, we still took the time to revise our knowledge of long division using the bus stop method. We also  wrote a recount for the big write and looked at food chains in science. 


For the next two weeks, we will be looking at the book 'How to train your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell. There is a free audio version of it on Youtube read by David Tennant so do please give it a listen if you get a chance. Our next big write will be to write a diary entry from the opinion of someone else, so in order to prepare as well as possible, perhaps you could speak to your children about empathy and putting yourself in the position of others. In Maths, we will continue our work on decimals and fraction so do please revise these whenever possible. In Science we will continue our work on habitats and adaptation so do please watch this space.


Please make sure that the children come in with their PE kits on Tuesdays from now on as we have changed the date. 


If you are looking to extend your children in Maths in some form, please do go to,  - it is extremely helpful in encouraging deeper learning


If literacy skills are something you's like to focus on, try - I have found it very helpful when looking for writing stimulii to encourage story writing. 


I wish you a warm and relaxing weekend


Richard Barker

Day 2 - Sayers Croft

Day 2 - Sayers Croft  1
Day 2 - Sayers Croft  2
Day 2 - Sayers Croft  3
Day 2 - Sayers Croft  4
Day 2 - Sayers Croft  5
Day 2 - Sayers Croft  6
Day 2 - Sayers Croft  7
Day 2 - Sayers Croft  8
Day 2 - Sayers Croft  9
Day 2 - Sayers Croft  10
Day 2 - Sayers Croft  11
Day 2 - Sayers Croft  12
Day 2 - Sayers Croft  13

Day 2 - Sayers Croft


Our second day began bright and early at 7am with a room inspection! With a filling breakfast, we began our first activity where we learned how to use a compass. The weather has been gloriously clear (albeit cold) and sunny. Our next activity took us to a hide where we tried to identify the various birds that live in the area. Linked to our Science topic of Habitats, we discussed micro habitats and used magnifying glasses to sketch and identify the various insect species that inhabit Sayers Croft. In the evening, we had a night walk where we actually got see and discuss the variously constellations and stars in a perfectly clear sky. This was then followed by a disco which was energetic to say the least. As with last night, we rounded the evening off with a cup of hot chocolate. The lights have turned off and all seems quiet. The children have adapted to this short trip well and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 


They are looking forward to seeing their parents tomorrow afternoon 


warmest regards,


Richard Barker

Day 1 at Sayers Croft

Day 1 at Sayers Croft  1
Day 1 at Sayers Croft  2
Day 1 at Sayers Croft  3
Day 1 at Sayers Croft  4
Day 1 at Sayers Croft  5
Day 1 at Sayers Croft  6
Day 1 at Sayers Croft  7
Day 1 at Sayers Croft  8
Day 1 at Sayers Croft  9
Day 1 at Sayers Croft  10
Day 1 at Sayers Croft  11
Day 1 at Sayers Croft  12

Sayers Croft - Day 1


We arrived at Sayers Croft safely and without any problems. We settled into our chalets and made our beds quickly before having lunch and then going out on our first activity which was a blind walk and maze game. After that, we did some orienteering and got a better understanding of however to use and identify the features of maps. Dinner was a very tasty sausages and mash although the children were very much looking forward to spending some of their money in the tuck shop. Both year groups then joined up for marshmallows and a sing song around a quite frankly spectacular bonfire set up by Mr. Barker. 


The children came back and got ready for bed and finished the evening off with a hot chocolate. There's an even longer day in store tomorrow so do check back then.


warm regards,


Richard Barker

Friday 20th January 2017


Congratulations to Nicholas for his fantastic effort in maths this week. A special mention goes to Sean and Amir for working especially hard in maths this morning too.


This week we have been looking at decimals and converting them from fractions in maths. It has been tough going but we have linked our knowledge of decimals to using money and the metric system. In literacy we have looked at Chinese new year and how it is celebrated. Our big write had us creating an explanation text based on this important event.


In Science, we have discussed adaptation and why animals are adapted to their environments.


As we prepare for Sayer's Croft next week, I would like to thank Ms. Cobacha for her absolutely monumental effort in getting everything ready for next week, we are extremely grateful for her!


I will be putting a quick update of our activities each day on this class page to do watch this space. Please could I ask that children are able to carry their bags and cases on their own, otherwise we cannot be sure that they will be allowed to take them along.


I hope you have a lovely weekend and see you all bright and early on Monday morning at 0815

Friday 13th January 2017


A big congratulations to Kinte, Niek and Nieke for being awarded student of the week, their work on Fractions was fantastic and they should be very proud of themselves.


It has been a great week back and we begun our work with gusto. In Numeracy, we have looked at adding fractions (some of us have added fractions with different denominators), simplifying and finding equivalent fractions and today we looked at fraction word problems. Next week, we will continue our work on finding fractions of amounts but also include another look at the metric system and converting measures. You might want to let the children use some weighing scales (even digital ones would be worth it), measuring jugs and tape measures.


In literacy, we have begun our topic of dragons and have analysed different myths and have today created a guide for creating a dragon character. In discussing different dragon designs, we have used words like: Serpentine, Feline, Orsine, Porcine, Equine, Canine, Lupine, and Vulpine. How many of these do you know? Next week, we will research Chinese New Year and creating an explanation text on how to play a Chinese New Year game. 


In Science we look at how plants are adapted to their habitats and perhaps take the time to discuss the theory of Evolution if there is time and in ICT we are very lucky to have some help from a specialist organisation to help us get a better understanding of Scratch and programming.


I also wanted to bring to your attention that in our spelling test this week, quite a few of our students had a few problems remembering where to place apostrophes when showing possession, especially with plural nouns. If you would like your child to practise, feel free to try these websites (copy and paste them into a webpage): 


If you feel like trying something particularly challenging, try this: 


I wish you a warm and relaxing welcome


Richard Barker

EDIT - Please see change to outline for literacy this term and that it was Thalia, who was awarded the Pen License.


Friday 6th January 2017


Happy New Year! 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Break and are rested and ready for a new term. 


Year 4 have made a fantastic start to the new year, they quickly remembered their expectations and routines and settled back well. I would like to congratulate Elsa, Ruby, and Thalia for being awarded their pen licences and would like to encourage everyone else to push towards achieving the same.


Year 4 took some time on Thursday to review their understanding of the work they did last term and tried to set themselves a target to acheive for this term. On Friday, having asked the children what they feel the needed to practise on Thursday,  rotated around a variety of Maths activities including symmetry, measuring angles, division, and subtraction. We also wrote a diary entry in literacy. we have also begun our Science topic which will be Habitats and adaptation. 


This term we will be focusing our attention on Dragons and how they are perceived through a variety of myths and legends In Numeracy, we will be begin next week by reviewing our understanding of fractions but also include study of: Decimals and percentages, 2D and 3D shapes, measuring perimeter and area, measuring using the metric system


 In geography, we will be looking at London and why it is such a popular place to live. In PHSCE, we will be looking at loss and separation and different types of relationships.


I wish everyone a relaxing weekend and look forward to another term together.       

Friday 16th December 2016


What a week it has been! Thank you everyone so much for coming to see the Key Stage 2 play today, the children (and staff) worked so hard, its safe to say it was a great success! 


Well done to Henry Logan for getting the student of the week this week. His writing has been showing some absolutely spectacular vocabulary choices including the word 'stelliferous' which I had to look up myself! Last week's stars were Amir and Thomas for the maturity of their behaviour around school so well done to them as well.


This week in Literacy we have been looking at the structure of poems and preparing to write our own Sci-Fi poems. We have been using alliteration and complex similes and words with the suffix -ous. In Numeracy we have been looking at collecting and showing data in various forms. 


As we draw the term to a close, we are hoping to have a class party on Tuesday afternoon and if children from their respective houses could bring the following foods:


Faraday: Sweets and cakes

Nightingale: Napkins, Cutlery, Plates

Fleming: Savoury food and snacks

Wesley: Drink (no fizzy drinks please)


Please label any homemade food with the ingredients, so that I can easily identify if they are suitable for those children with allergies. 


I would also like to play some Christmas films such as Elf, Home Alone or The Grinch. These films are rated as PG so if you are happy for your child to watch one of these films then there is no need to reply. If you prefer your child not to, then please email Gerry in the office. 

Friday 2nd December 2016


The Christmas season is officially underway and may I wish you all a very happy first week of Advent!


It has been another packed and exciting week here in Year 4. Congratulations to Khulan for being awarded student of the week!


In literacy this week have been preparing to write our biographies and becoming confident in our use of time connectives. Next week we move on to looking at the structure and writing our own newspaper articles. Maths has been very exciting as well with the group learning about the properties of 2D shapes, coordinates in 1, 2, and 4 quadrants and also looking at measuring angles. There was even some time to play battleships! Some of the group were even able to investigate the relationship between the size of an angle and the number of sides in a regular polygon. Well done to Matteo who really shined in this area. Next week, we will be looking at units of time including: analogue and digital time, 12 and 24 hour time to name a few. 


With the Christmas play on the horizon, may I ask that both groups practise their song and routines as much as is possible. 


Have a lovely weekend


Richard Barker



Friday 25th November 2016


Congratulations to Thalia for winning student of the week. This week she has been a wonderful example of the attitude and behaviour that Hampden Gurney expects from all students. Well Done!


In literacy we have looked at biographies and their features. We have also begun using Time Connectives and conjunctions to vary the beginning and complexity of our sentences. If any parents would like to solidify this at home, practising the use of words like: however, even though, despite, yet, and even nevertheless, I would be grateful. Next week we will plan and draft a biography.


In Numeracy we have looked fractions and how to reduce them to find equivalence. Next week were will be looking at the properties of quadrilaterals, placing coordinates on 1, 2 or even 4 quadrants, and even a quick look at how to use protractors to measure angles.


I hope to continue our excellent work in Science by discussing with the children how pitch and can be different depending on the material used and in Humanities, we will be finding and placing the rivers that flow around the UK. 


I wish you all a warm and relaxing weekend.


Mr. Barker

Wednesday 23rd November


Today in Science, Year 4 looked at the relationship between sound and distance and planned and wrote their own experiment to test how sound travels. We used terms like hypothesis, apparatus, and conclusion and talked about the importance of a fair test. Some of the group were even able to discuss what variables were and change their experiment accordingly. I was so proud of how everyone worked today but especially proud of Julia and Elsa for the unique way that they chose to record their results and to Matteo and Oriana for their enthusiasm and hard work. 


Well done Year 4!

Friday 18th November 2016


Congratulations to Casimir for being awarded the student of the week certificate. A huge well done also goes out to Kinte for his achievements representing London at a gymnastics competition.


This week we have been looking at how we research and present our work using Microsoft PowerPoint. We have learned how to insert pictures and text boxes and also how to change the background and font of their work. Next week we will be looking at the features of biographies with the aim of writing one about a famous scientists next Friday.


In Maths, we have focused on division using the bus stop method. We have also had the chance to give an answer as a decimal rather than with a remainder which was very tricky for some. We have also improved our understanding of moving the decimal point when dividing by 10, 100 or 1000 Next week will see us looking at fractions, how they are ordered and how to reduce them.


In Science and Humanities, our work on sound and locating areas of interest in the British Isles continues. We are coming to that time of year when the Christmas play is demanding more of our attention. I have attached the lyrics for our respective class songs so do please go through them with your child if you can.




I had noticed during our work with Powerpoint that some children seemed to take rather a long time to type a sentence. If you get a chance, do visit or BBC Bitesize Dance mat - I've always found these very helpful 


Have a lovely weekend!


Mr. Barker

Monday 14th November 2016


Are you tempted to test your powers of English pronunciation? Paste the following link into a browser and see how far you can get! 

Weekly News Friday 11th November 2016


Welcome to our first weekly newsletter, the first of many!


In Maths, year 4 have been focusing on the column method of multiplication. Starting with multiplying 2 digit by 1 digit numbers, we have branched out into 2/3 digit by 2 digit numbers and applying them to practical real world based problems. Some of us have even looked at multiplying decimal numbers together. Next week we are planning to improve our understanding of division using the 'bus stop' method. We will begin by practicing the method and when confident, we will apply it in more practical terms.


In literacy, we have been preparing and planning a Science Fiction story. Alongside our comprehension task, we have looked at using descriptive language to describe a setting, possessive apostrophes, using speech marks to create dialogues and finishing by planning and writing our story. Next week, we will be looking at fronted adverbial phrases and also looking at note taking, summarising research and creating presentations of current and possible future technology. 


In Science we will continue our work on sound and how it related to vibration and in Geography we will be identifying the different countries and counties of the British Isles. 



A few parents have mentioned that they would like to have a more child friendly opportunity to understand the current events. I have always found very helpful but, whilst a subscription is required is fantastic as well.


Have a lovely weekend


Mr. Barker

This section will be updated on a weekly basis. Every Friday, you will find an overview of the work we have done that week and what we hope to achieve the following week.