Worship Ambassadors

Our Worship Ambassadors was originally set up in October 2018. Each new academic year pupils put forward why they would like to be part of the Worship Ambassadors, and are then selected or voted on to serve for the whole year.

Our Worship Ambassadors for 2019-2020:

  • Year 3 – Ingo Southgate and Isabella Ng
  • Year 4 – Diana Thwaite and Jasper Betin-Philips
  • Year 5 – Matthew Obrebski and Jasmine Zhao
  • Year 6 – Lucy Tang (Worship Leader), Daniella Lumetta (Vice Worship Leader), Clara Howes, Emma D, Emilia Harris and Grace Harris

Our role is to:
• Help the school evaluate collective worship annually
• Find way to develop school’s Christian character
• Support our school as we learn and live out our values of peace, resilience, humility, forgiveness, thankfulness and reverence
• Be responsible for looking after our Chapel, Prayer Tree and set up the school hall for Collective Worship every morning
• Lead worship with music, singing, drama, prayers and biblical stories

In 2019-2020 we aim to:

•Have regular meetings, every fortnight, to discuss Worship Matters and plan for next steps for the Ambassadors
• Review our school Collective Worship page to include information on what we do
• Create a Worship Ambassador notice board in the school
• Plan at least one Collective Worship by the Ambassadors
• Plan and lead worship for the Nursery Class
• Support worship in Church at key events of the year – Christmas, Easter and End of School Year
• Design a web page on school’s website
• Create a guidance leaflet for visitors who lead worship