School Performance Tables

For information about the school's performance, please visit the DFE school performance page.

2017/18 Results Overview

We are very proud of the attainment and progress our children make. We are especially proud when we compare the levels our children attain and the progress our children make when compared to Westminster and those on a National Value *.

* Data from Tri-Borough Schools Provisional Profile - September 2018

Please download the PDF file to see all the current school performance data.

Key details about the school are published by the Department for Education in the form of school performance tables.

Information includes:

  • the number on role
  • the number of children with a statement of educational need
  • the number of pupils whose first language is something other than English
  • Key Stage 2 test and teacher assessment results
  • The full Hampden Gurney Church of England Primary School Performance Table as well as link to the latest Ofsted report can be found on the Department for Education website.