Monday, 20 July 2020

Secondary school transfer Year 6 results 2020

Year 6 is a memorable year for any child and it’s a year that our amazing school leavers depart primary school
to embark onto a new journey, closing one chapter and beginning another. The staff and I are incredibly
privileged to have worked with such a wonderful group of young people and look forward to watch them
continue to flourish. Secondary school experiences will be full of new challenges, excitement and adventure as
the world will be their oyster.
Despite the suspension of the KS 2 SATs due to the COVID-19 school closure, the Yr 6 pupils have achieved
some brilliant secondary school results following their successful entrance examinations into both the State and
Independent sectors. Their absolute resilience, superb work ethics and self-motivation have enabled them to
accomplish these fantastic school outcomes. Congratulations and well done Year 6, we are incredibly proud of
We are aware that this year has been an extraordinary year, a year that we could not have possibly anticipated.
Nonetheless, the best of this group of young adults simply shone through at their end of year celebration,
displaying some inspirational resourcefulness, talent and creativity.
We hope that they will look back with fondness whilst also recognising all that they have overcome as the class
of 2020. Remember to dream and reach for the stars!