Thursday, 5 December 2019

Unveiling 'The Orphans, a sculptural installation of 21 life-size bronze elephants' Marble Arch

Mrs Sarah Walters, friend of The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Charity from Kenya and a parent of former Hampden Gurney School's pupils invited Hampden Gurney's children to unveil a sculpture installation 'The Orphans' in Marble Arch on 4th December.
The installation of 21 life size bronze elephant cubs, representing each one of the orphaned animals cared for by the charity, was created by internationally acclaimed artists Gillie and Marc.
The sculptures are made to raise awarness for animals left behind by the poachers, victims to habitat loss, climate change and other sources of human-wildlife conflict.
This extraordinary Conservation Art asks us to consider the elephants situation now and invites the younger population to reflect on how they will safeguard the elephants of the future.
The Charity Trust is run by Angela Sheldrick and employs over 450 Kenyans in the orphanage, in anti poaching brigades, ariel veterinary units and local land preservation and education across the country.