Parent Forum

Aims and Objectives

"The most important factors in improving schools are good teaching and strong leadership. The biggest factor influencing the success of a child is the parents."

Department for Education (2011)

What is the Parent Forum?

Parent forums are a way for schools to encourage more parents to get involved in school life. They are informal groups where parents can raise issues, be consulted on school policy and give their views. By launching a Parent Forum we can build a strong partnership to provide an all-inclusive and approachable school environment for everyone involved.

Our Aim:

To enhance communications between the school and parents and develop an effective partnership by:

• Providing a voice for parents on issues that are relevant to them.

• Providing valuable parental feedback to the school about a variety of issues from policy making to healthy eating.

• Providing support for our school and a sense of ownership for our parents.

• Working in partnership to provide the best for your children!

Parent Forum Terms of Reference:

  1. Membership

We will aim to have named parent representatives for each class.
All parents will be invited to attend each meeting.
Meetings will be attended by school staff ( normally the Headteacher or Assistant Headteacher) and an assigned governor whenever possible.

We will aim to ensure parent/carer minority groups at the first meeting of the Autumn Term.

  1. Forum Officers

Chairman and Secretary are to be agreed annually at the first meeting of the Autumn term.

  1. Quorum

There is no maximum or minimum number needed.
Decision making/voting is not currently part of the parent Forum remit.

  1. Meetings

To be held termly at school in the school hall. Dates will be agreed at the last meeting and clearly communicated to all parents on meeting minutes and on the website.

Structure of meeting to be:

A main area of discussion per meeting decided upon at the meeting before.
There will be room for Any Other Business. Any other business must be e-mailed to the school office by 1pm on the day of the meeting so that the Headteacher can prepare any changes to the Agenda.
Meetings are expected to last no longer than an hour.

Extraordinary meetings can be called if required at the request of the Headteacher or assigned Governors.

  1. Agendas/Minutes

The agenda for each meeting is to be drawn up by the Chairman, following consultation with members and the Headteacher.
Agenda to be issued to everyone by parent email at least 1 week before the relevant meeting.
Minutes: Will convey content and outcomes of meeting but not identify individual
Minutes are to be circulated, where possible, within 2 weeks of a meeting
and will be sent to all parents in the school. A copy of the minutes will be
published on the school website.

  1. Communication A dedicated Forum email address will be available to all parents to send any thoughts to. The email address is [] and will be checked regularly by the Chairman and Secretary.

A Parent Forum page on the school website will be available for information and discussions, rather than using social media.

The Parent Forum will not be a place for parents to raise personal issues and concerns.
Complaints involving pupils or families will not be discussed. If you have a personal concern please contact the school directly, as we can deal with the issues more quickly for you and your child.

Meeting - 20 Jan 2020- minutes attached