School Clubs

In terms of what Hampden Gurney aims to offer outside the regular school day, we aim to:

  • ensure that every child has access to a range of academic, music and physical activities
  • develop programmes that meet the needs of all pupils, including those with learning and physical disabilities;
  • provide enjoyable experiences, where positive attitudes of sensitivity, co-operation, competition and tolerance may develop
  • publicise programmes of other local providers.

Hampden Gurney offers a range of after-school activities that supplement and support children’s learning outside of the regular school day. Clubs are run by a mixture of staff, keen parents and adults from external organisations (usually sports coaches).

At the beginning of each term, a club timetable is sent to pupils and parents, who can then choose the activities that they wish to do. As well as sporting activities such as football, basketball and cricket, the school offers a selection of clubs such as chess, science and craft. Please ensure that when signing up a pupil for a club that you look at the most recent club timetable as clubs will change termly.

Parents should use an After-school Club reply form to confirm that their child is allowed to go to a particular club. This should be handed in on the assigned sign-up days in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and the club clearly written on it. Confirmation of your child’s place in their choice of club should be given to you there and then.

Ideas for new clubs

We welcome ideas for new clubs that you think would interest the children. Please speak to Mr Aitken if you have any inspirational ideas. Generally, as long as there are enough children to make a club viable, we will do our best to make it happen at school.