History of Hampden Gurney

Hampden Gurney is a Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School in the Diocese of London. It is a parochial school owned by private parish trustees, maintained by Westminster City Council and serves a wide Christian Community.

Hampden Gurney School was established in 1863 as a memorial to the Reverend John Hampden Gurney, former Vicar of St Mary’s, Bryanston Square. The first school building was situated on Hampden Gurney Street in the parish of the Church of the Annunciation, just north of Marble Arch and Oxford Street. In 1936 Hampden Gurney School was amalgamated with St Luke’s school (est 1860) located in Nutford Place. The new school operated over two campuses with infants and Juniors in Hampden Gurney St and seniors in Nutford Place. Unfortunately St Luke’s church and school were destroyed during the Blitz in Sept 1940 and were never rebuilt. The vacant site became the new home of Hampden Gurney school which was opened by the poet John Betjeman, (who later became Poet Laureate) in 1967.

During the early 1990s, the school’s trustees set about planning the building of a new school with state of the art facilities to lead the way forward into the 21st century. Our current building is the culmination of these plans and provides the exciting, innovative, child and teacher friendly building which we now inhabit. The strong links with the Church of the Annunciation continue; Mass is led once a week by Father Gerald Beauchamp, the current incumbent of the Annunciation, and we make a termly visit to the parish church in Marble Arch. Father Beauchamp is also a member of the governing body of our school.