Technology is a very important aspect of our daily lives. Teachers at Hampden Gurney recognise that it is important in today’s world that pupils should have a good knowledge and understanding of technology and how it can be used. Our teaching aims to develop pupils’ skills in using hardware and software, to develop their ability to use technology to support their use of language and communication, and to increase pupils’ awareness of the advantages and limitations of different forms of technology.

Our state of the art building is complemented by a computer suite situated on the upper floor of the building. All pupils have access to this facility, with each class timetabled in for a dedicated hour long session per week. In addition to this, teachers incorporate the use of technology into other areas of the curriculum, which enables pupils to see how the use of technology can be used in a wider context. We have a class set of laptops that are used regularly in class by pupils in Year 1 upwards. Each class is equipped with an interactive large screen TV, and recent additions have seen this equipment added to the library and our new meeting room.

Our aims at Hampden Gurney for Computing are:

  • To stimulate and promote the use of technology in order to support, enhance and extend learning opportunities.
  • To develop pupil’s technological capability, including their knowledge and understanding of the importance of information and of how to select and prepare it.
  • To teach Computing as a specific curriculum area in accordance with the National Curriculum.
  • To use technology as a tool to enhance teaching and learning throughout all curriculum areas.
  • To help both pupils and staff to develop confidence and competence to use technology in a range of situations and contexts appropriate to the task.

Extending learning

Pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2 have their own access to Purple Mash, an on-line resource that is used by teachers to re-inforce and review concepts and ideas in a range of curriculum areas covered in school. Each pupil has an individual password and log-in which your child’s class teacher will be able to provide.

Security and Safety

All parents need to sign the Acceptable Use Policy (see resources section of the website), which clearly states expectations for pupils when using the internet as a resource at school.

  • All children have access to the Internet with supervision.
  • The Internet system is provided by the Westminster Grid for Learning and is protected from unsuitable material by 'Smartfilter'.
  • In addition to filtering by the Grid for Learning, the school also its own in-house system to monitor computer usage.
  • As part of the Computing curriculum, internet safety and security is taught to pupils in age-appropriate stages as they move through the school.

Parent E-safety Information

From time to time, the school runs an e-safety workshop for parents in order to give advice about technology and how pupils can use it safely at school and at home. A helpful information sheet for parents can be found on Childnet's 'Know IT all' website. As well as information on how to keep your children safe at home, it also highlights links to organistions that aim to protect children when they are using the internet.

These include: Childnet International's website, Childnet's digizen website which gives information about using social network and social media sites and CEOP (the Child Expliotation and Online Protection Centre's) website.
2Simple's . Guide to Parenting in the Digital World

Looking forward

Computing is constantly changing and, through review and analysis, we aim to keep our curriculum relevant and exciting for pupils.

For the overview of our curriculum see the subject map below:
- Computing Curriculum Map