Personal Social and Health Education

The principle aim of the Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHCE) policy at Hampden Gurney School is to promote children’s personal and social development, including their health and well being.

Children and young people need the self-awareness, positive self-esteem and confidence to:

  • stay as healthy as possible
  • keep themselves and others safe
  • have worthwhile and fulfilling relationships
  • respect the differences between people
  • develop independence and responsibility
  • play an active role as members of a democratic society
  • make the most of their own and others’ abilities

Our aim is that through the teaching of PSHCE, pupils will learn to value their own achievements, deal with risk and meet challenges they will face and identify their values and strive to live up to them.

Values and ethos

PSHCE is reflected in the values and ethos of the school. The school’s curriculum embodies the values of self, relationships, society and the environment. Through emotional literacy, the school teaches children how to understand and express their emotions. It aims to develop sympathy, empathy, consideration, respecting and valuing others, sharing and co-operation, collaboration and negotiation skills, listening and responding appropriately, self-awareness and confidence.

Children’s personal and social development is enhanced through the school environment that allows them to feel safe and for which they have some responsibility. Social and moral responsibility is developed through encouraging positive behaviour and relationships, anti-bullying strategies, environment and recycling projects with local authorities. We currently have pupils involved in the School Council, an ‘Every Child Matters’ Team and a ‘Sustainable Schools’ Team.

Collective worship

The school’s Christian based assemblies provide daily opportunity to enhance pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It identifies, promotes and celebrates the school’s values and pupils’ achievements.

Teaching and learning

A range of teaching strategies are used to provide effective learning opportunities for all pupils. These include an emphasis on active learning, enquiry, discussion and participation in citizenship activities. Teachers use circle time, drama and role play, art and craft, dance, music and stories to explore and express emotions.

Pupils develop their knowledge, skills and understanding by working together on school and community projects, making decisions, taking responsibility and reflecting on their experiences.

Partnership with parents and the local community

Work completed at school is aimed to complement the social and personal development of children provided at home. Working with parents is vital to our whole-school approach. Consultations with parents help develop better understanding between home and school and reinforce key points of learning. PSHCE is part of the Hampden Gurney 'Home-School Agreement' and provides broader links between the school and the parent community.

For the overview of our curriculum see the subject map below:
- PSHE Curriculum Map