At Hampden Gurney all students experience a rich tapestry of historical enquiry. History is taught within an environment which encourages pupils to become resourceful in their approach to work, and to build on basic skills as they progress through the various units and projects offered.

All classes capitalise on our fantastic location and organise excursions to some of the amazing historical locations in and around London. Some classes arrange visiting specialists who operate themed events within the school, bringing history to life.

In 2010, Hampden Gurney staged its first ever history week around the theme of ‘I am History’, encouraging students to realise that they are a part of history themselves and have a personal history of their own. Children researched their own family history stories, learnt of the history of this school via a wonderful set of school log books dating from the 1860s to the present and came dressed as their favourite character in history. History came to life for the entire week!

We aim to:

  • To provide a balanced approach to the teaching and learning of History enabling all pupils to enjoy the subject.
  • To stimulate all children’s interest in the past.
  • To help children become aware of historical, social and ethnic aspects of the local environment and of the world, enabling them to develop a sense of identity and an understanding of other cultures’ pasts.
  • To develop the children’s historical knowledge and skills and to develop a sense of chronology.
  • To help prepare children for adult life in a democratic society.

Pupils should be encouraged to question, investigate and learn to look at information critically. History gives pupils the ideal opportunity to do this using a variety of sources and approaches to aid learning. The school makes use of opportunities to investigate the local area and provides opportunities to deal with a range of stimulating resources including visitors to the school, visits to museums and public institutions, as well as written and oral sources, including an increasing number found on the internet.

For the overview of our curriculum see the subject map below:
- History Curriculum Map
- History Progression